Why Lilith ?

After several decades of witchcraft practice, we wanted to share our discoveries, our reflections and our research. This implies that everything we say on this site is only a reflection of our thoughts and has no prescriptive pretensions in either practice or philosophy.

So why Lilith?

Let me remind you the foundations of the legend of Lilith: God created Adam and Lilith, two beings of equal dignity. Adam, the heavyweight of the service, does not hear it this way. For him, it is out of question that this equality is found in his couple and even more in his intimate life. Lilith is able to ask not to be systematically underneath, to understand that Lilith asks that one takes into account her desire and her pleasure of woman, Adam does not want to know anything. He goes to cry to God: " ouin ouin, the woman that you gave me rebels, she does not want that I dominate her, bring back it to the order. "

God tries to bring Lilith back to order but Lilith does not intend to let her. She magically discovers God's secret name, knowledge that gives her immense power over creation. Thanks to this power, she grows wings on her back and quickly gets out of this prison that is the Garden of Eden.

She takes refuge near the Red Sea and Adam goes back to cry to God who creates for him a submissive woman : Eve.

But it does not stop there, Yavhe in good guru who does not support that one leaves the sect sends three angels in pursuit of the renegade. They catch up with her and try to make her return to the right path by using threats and intimidation. She sends them away and in revenge, they condemn a third of her children to die.

Lilith then meets another angel who, unlike Adam, is well-balanced and does not have an ounce of misogyny in him: he is Samael, otherwise known as Lucifer.

The couple will have many children. But Lilith, listening only to her good heart and her sense of empathy, feels compassion for Eve. She decides to open her eyes and offers her the fruit of knowledge.

We know what happens next: humanity's eyes open like someone weaned on opium, YHWH's evil charm crumbles, the Matrix collapses. In extremis, YHWH will play his favorite note, that of the guilt-inducing authoritarianism and unleash his omnipotence on the humanity then too young and too impressionable to resist him.

By the way, Eve will finally have been less submissive than Adam and Yahweh had hoped because she finally accepts the key to her prison from the hands of Lilith who, respecting her high liberal standards, could not impose her, but could only propose her.

This legend is obviously the perfect metaphor for the patriarchy's control of women and "deviants". Adam is the incarnation of toxic, virilistic and bigoted masculinity, always ready to establish his dictatorship and to whine, to victimize himself when it is challenged.

Lilith is of course the perfect symbol of the power of women and the iniquitous oppression they have been subjected to since ancient times. But not only women, Lilith symbolizes all those who do not fit into the narrow and normative optics imposed by the white heteronormative cis-gender patriarchy. God being of course white cis gender, as shown by the innumerable representations of the blond Christ that unfortunately does not redeem the few representations with a mat complexion, very late.

Lilith is of all the colors, of all the orientations of all the kinds. Incidentally, according to some versions of the legend, Samael and Lilith are in reality one androgynous being. Protean, she embodies the oppressed, the individuals in their singularity, the beings in their non normativity. Oppressed but not in a victim perspective, in a perspective of revolt, beautiful, wild, powerful.

Lilith revolts against abuse, against the norm, against the domination of toxic masculinity and she does it by seizing power, she does not beg for her freedom, she takes it.

Lilith is present in the heart of all those who refuse the colonialist and patriarchal dogmatic dictate.

One day we looked at history and realized that almost all civilizations were misogynistic. Remember, many mythologies have traces of the usurpation of power by the patriarchy over an older religion centered on the Mother Goddess. Whether it is Marduk's seizure of power over Tiamat, the coup d'état of the Olympian gods, the replacement of the all-powerful goddess Freya by the very masculine Odin and his Aesir, and undoubtedly the victory of the Tuatha over the Formers... all these stories tell the same timeless event, that of the ejection of Dionysian, ecstatic and feminine spirituality by that of the Apollonian, solar, masculine and reasonable. Apart from some notable exceptions. For example: voodoo, some expressions of shamanism (notably among the Celts, the Germans, the Amerindians, or among certain Asian peoples), witchcraft and Satanism, Shintoism before the arrival of Confucianism, all religions were machines for inducing and perpetuating the patterns of violent domination of males who were in the norm.

We are the children of Lilith, we reject in block all these religions revealed or not. Our approach is a spiritual and witchy non-devotional one, seeking to reconnect with this feminine or non-gender, mysterious and dark power that the established power holders have always tried to demonize.

(the drawing is from IreneHorrors. See the page of that amazing artist : https://www.deviantart.com/irenhorrors/gallery)