The Uncanny Counter

This week we watched "Demons Catcher" (Uncanny Counter). I really feel that there is a particular tone in Korean series. A kind of offbeat humor and narrative universe where tragedy and violence are mixed with a lightness of tone that gives pride of place to the emotions of friendship and family love sprinkled with disillusioned humor that never falls into mawkishness. I really fell in love with this series that tells how four champions of the afterlife track down escaped demons here on earth. By way of demons, they are more like spirits of murder and violence that we love to hate. But beware that the officials of heaven, with their psycho-rigid side are not particularly sympathetic either! Because this series shows well the shortcomings of the Korean society hyper hierarchical and prisoner of strict rules ordering the social relations (for example, a cadet is always supposed to turn around while drinking in front of an elder).