The True Grimoire par J.S.Kent

his book studies the famous Grimorium Verum from both a traditional and a modern perspective. The author presents the different seals of the spirits and explains the contents of the book with academic seriousness. Reading this book and the ancient rituals it presents, one realizes the extraordinary antiquity of the Grimorium Verum’s spirits. These are probably masks of the gods of high antiquity that were already immemorial at the time of the writing of the Greco-Egyptian papyrii of which Grimorium Verum is the direct heir. Two chapters are, in my opinion, even more remarkable than the others. The first one retraces the history of the Astaroth spirit who is none other than the goddess Astarté/Ishtar who will appear later in the form of Hekate, or even Lilith. The second shows the heritage or common points between Goetia and Qimbanda, this dark form of Candomblé. One will not fail to notice the common points between the Veves and the daemonic seals. One can legitimately wonder about the mutual interpenetration between the Goetie and the traditions of African origin… let us not forget that among the goetic spirits, we find Anubis and Amon, so it is not surprising that traces of very old African deities can be found there.

In conclusion, a very good book to start deep research on that subject.