The Solstice at Lilith's, our horned god

At Lilith's Factory, we celebrate the Winter Solstice in the company (symbolic or real) of the Horned God. We like the hypothesis of Georges Luck defended in his Arcana Mundi: Magic and the Occult in the Greek and Roman Worlds and which says that at the end of Antiquity, a subterranean cult appeared in all the circles refusing the Christian religion. This syncretistic religion would have taken up the widely spread idea of a God of Nature, represented with horns.

We too like symbolic syncretism and our horned god manifests himself in the form of Cernunnos, Pan, Baphomet, Santa Claus (yes, good old Santa is a horned god, the reindeer are Santa's "horns") or Baal. The association between the latter and the sun is no longer to be made and here is our Solstice deity who takes a rich and multiple form!

But above all, the winter solstice is the occasion to celebrate the return of the sun after the descent into the realm of shadow and mist of Samhain.

And with the return of the Sun and after the introspection of Samhain, we take the opportunity to meditate on what we want to live and achieve in the coming year, in order to give an impulse to our strength of will and achievement.

An artistic creation? A particular life experience? The gifts we give ourselves for the occasion are the symbol of the gifts of Life with a capital letter. An opportunity to strengthen the bonds of the clan and also to express one's gratitude for being alive and one's joy for living all the experiences of life.

Happy Solstice to all!

Sigil by Halima Witchcraft

Lady Baph by Iren Horrors