The evils of the Church in Canada

I'm really disgusted. Like me, you must have heard about what is happening in Canada right now. We discover that until the 1990's, more than 150,000 native children, from Canadian Amerindian populations, were torn away from their families. The goal? To place them in Catholic boarding schools in order to make them forget their culture and their spirituality. The means? Deliberate violence and sexual abuse by the staff of these schools. Thousands of children died as a result, and a plethora of mass graves are now being discovered in the gardens of the residential schools. The others, who survived, a whole generation, ended up traumatized. This collective trauma was obviously the goal of an ecclesiastical institution and a neo-colonizing power that seeks to destroy, break and humiliate those over whom they want to extend their domination.

In recent months, some churches have been burned and some statues overturned, gestures of protest and just revenge, but rather childish and symbolic and which, unfortunately, are far from the compensation that would be just to pay to this indigenous people still living in deplorable conditions. One day Rome will fall and we will dance on its ashes.