Supergirl and the wrath of women

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

I recommend the series "Supergirl" which I just watched the first season. Admittedly, it is a series for teenagers and admittedly the good feelings of the heroine are annoying and dripping. Nevertheless, the general plot is nice and Calista Flockhart is excellent as a feminist editor who doesn't get it. The series is rich in reflection on the status of women and feminism in general. Two episodes particularly resonated with me. In the first, Supergirl has to deal with several frustrations in her life.

These frustrations generate some anger in her, anger that she expresses by exploding a prototype robot that the army wants to test on her. Later in the episode, she breaks the wrist of a moron who not only misses running over children crossing the street, but also wants to smash Supergirl's face for damaging her car while stopping her. Later still, under her identity of Kara, she tells the four truths to her boss who really treats her like a less than nothing. And this one answers: "My dear, when I got my first job, the editor threw a fit because a deadline was not respected. He threw a chair through the window... which was closed, of course. We all got back to work and glaziers came to replace the glass. If I did the same thing, I would be on the front page of every newspaper and maybe even be questioned by the're a woman can't afford to be angry, Kara."

In the second episode of interest, Supergirl is affected by red kryptonite. This material has the strange property of making the superheroine express all her repressed feelings and suddenly become the assertive version of herself: pushing aside her rival, taking the lead with her boyfriend, putting her sister and boss in front of their four truths. The Supergirl on Kryptonite is much more interesting, more assertive, more real, stronger. Unfortunately, the writers had to spoil everything by making her cross the limits and become in fine, a dictatorial madwoman under the influence of the stone.

It's curious how, as feminist as this series is, it doesn't manage to assume until the end its fight and we always have the impression that if Supergirl crosses the limit of "acceptable for a woman", she will quickly come back to the cliché "right path" of the "nice" and "helpful" woman.

Supergirl is a good series, feminist in intention but not going far enough.

Because there is a big issue here. The anger of women has always frightened the patriarchy. Witches were accused of being angry, supposedly a sure sign of their alliance with Satan. Later, Freudian atheism would label them as hysterical, and those who were too assertive in their opinions and character would be locked up and brain-fried.

During the awarding of a Cesar in 2020 to the pedophile Polanski, the protests of the show woman "Florence Floresti" and the fact that the actress Adèle Haenel left the room, unleashed on them the reactions of the reactionary Internet users. What are they accused of? For expressing themselves too forcefully! Polanski's supporters, some journalists and a crowd of anonymous people on social networks were indignant about this unseemly behavior for women.

Celtic and Germanic women warriors struck terror into the hearts of Roman legionaries. Women warriors were an abomination to the Roman Empire.

The anger of women frightens the patriarchy, the anger of women frightens the complexed men who react with the aggressiveness of cornered dogs, the revolt of women frightens the other women, those who have chosen submission.

Hail to the dark goddesses, to Kali, to Morrigane, to Hekate, to Ishtar and to Lilith! May women rid themselves once and for all of the implicit stigma that tries to muzzle their revolt, their character and their struggle in order to make them fit into patterns of kindness, helpfulness, generosity, life-bearers, which are only pernicious means to keep them under the control of men.

Let me draw a parallel with another myth, that of the Siths in Star Wars. Their motto is as follows:

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion.

Through passion, I have power.

Through power, I have power.

Through power, I have victory.

Through victory, I break my chains.

The Force will set me free."

What has been denied to women for centuries is passion (of which anger is but one expression), lest they break their chains. The time is ripe. Let the anger of the witches shake the foundations of patriarchy.