Soul : boom in the heart

This week, we watched Soul from Pixar Studios. And there's no need to say, these Pixar people have a gift for hitting the right note in terms of emotions and existential questioning. I immediately identified with the character, Joe Gardner, a talented musician. He has never been able to make a living from his passion and has to give lessons to support himself. And when he finally gets to join a famous orchestra, death threatens to prevent him from realizing his dream. From musician to writer (or artist), there is only one step. A step that my mind hastened to take, letting itself be totally embarked in this tale that asks the essential questions: Does one have a mission in life? A vocation that could give meaning to the blind absurdity of existence? Or does life really have no meaning with or without a vocation? Unless vocation and passion have no place in this impossible equation that consists in seeking a direction to one's existence.... ? In short, the kind of questions I've been asking myself almost every day for the past 25 years and which have touched my heart. To see without moderation in family... or alone with a pack of kleenex.