Quimbanda, the cult of the red and black flame

This week, I read: "Quimbanda, the cult of the red and black flame" by Danilo Coppini. This book presents in a rather exhaustive and educational way this singular religion. Quimbanda is the religion of the Afro-descendant slaves who managed to escape to the South American jungle at the turn of the 16th century. There, they abjured the religion that their torturers had imposed on them in order to return to their original traditions. In the relative safety of this exile in the green hell, the former slaves allied themselves with the Indians and were soon joined by other fugitives: those whom the religious authorities had sent into exile because of their heresy. They carried in their luggage the medieval grimoires of witchcraft. There followed a joyful mixture of explosive traditions to give birth to the Quimbanda. This "witch" religion is characterized by practices of contact with the spirits and a strong ontological opposition to all liberticidal thought. The main figures are the female Pombagira spirits who are not without reminding the figure of Lilith, a powerful and rebellious figure who haunts my universe and many of my writings. So I found this book very instructive.