Punk Witchcraft

Let me link to an article that I found very interesting, as this blog is also a resource center.

This week I read "Punk Witchcraft" by the witch doctor Ian Chambers.

In this reflection Ian Chambers presents witchcraft as the subversive practice par excellence. Since ancient times, witchcraft has frightened the established powers, be they religious or political. The irony, of course, is that according to the law of evolution of human societies, yesterday's subversives become today's conservatives, bloated with norms and certainties. The author rightly points out that in many of today's Wiccan writings with a religious or devotional tendency, the name of Jesus has simply been replaced by the name of a god or a goddess, keeping in passing the relationship of submission of the human being towards the spiritual world.

In this panorama, it could well be that the decried witchtok (yes, those who curse the moon) are the discordant voice of contemporary witchcraft, returning in this way to the ontological sources of a practice subversive by nature.

See the article "PUNK WITCHCRAFT"