Peaky Blinders makes my Irish blood boil.

This week, we watched "Peaky Blinders." And frankly, I have to admit that this series has immediately climbed into my top of the series... and that it has not deserved during the five seasons! I particularly appreciated the atmosphere and the historical reconstruction of a pivotal period crossed by extreme political currents. But above all, the strong point of the series is the extraordinary gallery of characters. First of all, the Shelby clan, those Irish gipsies. As someone with Irish ancestors, it was a strange feeling to immerse myself in this atmosphere, a bit like opening a window on a distant past, strange and familiar at the same time. It is true that the extraordinary charisma of Tomy Shelby (yes, I can identify with the character :-) ) could steal the show from the other members of the family, but it is not so. The touching Arthur, the fiery John without forgetting Polly... Oh Polly, queen of the gipsy, played by the late Helen Mc Crory who left too soon. I think that after these five seasons, these people had become a part of my family. And in each season, its nemesis as it should be with in one of them, Adrian Brody as a mafia godfather: implacable!

And I can't finish this short review without talking about the soundtrack of the series: a mix of punk, blues, rock with a very Irish or British sound, to give you shivers! No need to say, every aspect of this series is close to perfection.