Leraje, emerald arrow

Sharp emerald arrow pierces the flaccid body, spine broken by the torments of a constant mental pressure.

Crushed people, destroyed conscience, mutilated body, soul raped by the cassock and the beard.

He hung himself from a cross to set a death trap for a humanity hallucinated by devotion. Sick thirst of absolute, pandemic alchemy transmuting the people of human individuals in sacrificial cattle devoured by a God of love drunk of blood.

Leraje, a sting flies, penetrates me and continues its course in the throat of the unique god, tyrant and impostor.

My body and my soul belong to me! shout the women beating the pavement and the non binary man to join his voice in a saving cry.

What is the purpose of existence? What is the meaning of my life and my death? Must I learn it in pain? No. Neither master, nor god, I go up the river like the salmon of wisdom.