Kenya: the witch hunt continues...

The witch-hunt in Europe was the result of religious obscurantism and gynophobia. As we know, Saklas-Yhwh, the spirit that presides over the great monotheistic religions, hates women and witchcraft, which allows humans to connect with both nature and the liberating inner forces. No, the spirit of religion grants magic to itself (religions being only a crystallized and dogmatic form of magic).

The hundreds of thousands of women sent to the stake or lynched by the mob should, alone, motivate us to reject en bloc all these deleterious systems of thought. Unfortunately, even though patriarchy is in sharp decline in some parts of the world, this is not the case everywhere.

In Kenya, on October 17, four women, aged between 53 and 87, were burned alive by a crowd convinced that they were witches. This is just the latest in a string of feminicide incidents in recent years. As in the past, in our country, on simple denunciation, women or old people are dragged in the streets, tortured and put to death. Single or elderly women are particularly targeted, another era, same motus operandi. It is estimated that there have been thousands of such incidents in the last five years.

It should be noted that Saudi Arabia has recently created a police force specialized in tracking down witches and that many countries have experienced this type of savage and popular murders. We witches must never forget that what we have conquered with blood and ashes is far from being achieved everywhere.

The war against patriarchy will still be long and unfortunately many victims will still fall under the blows of religious madness. But in the end, the children of Lilith will be free in a liberalized postmodern society.