Is Beyoncé a feminist ?

This week, I read: Is Beyoncé a feminist? by Margaux Collet and Raphaëlle Remy-Leleu. I particularly enjoyed reading this book. In a very clear and pedagogical language (it will be very useful in class), this book offers an overview of current feminist issues. Of course, since the first feminist fights, society has changed. Has it become less patriarchal? Nothing is less certain, it is different. This explains why the modes of expression and feminist resistance had to evolve to fight against the current patterns of domination. Patterns sometimes blatant but often insidious because if open misogyny is less and less accepted, it remains no less real at all levels of daily life. Today the misogynist hides behind gendered concepts such as different colors for toys, the imposition of different roles in society according to gender. Misogyny is still expressed in the violence of language, in daily expressions or in the violence of stereotypes related to sports, politics, religion, victims of violence... It is a book as I like them, an intelligent book that shakes, that questions our habits of thought, speech or paradigm. A book that torpedoes the patriarchy! To read urgently!