Hypersensitive children

This week, I read "Hypersensitive children" by Emmanuelle Rigon. I must admit that I have been reluctant for a long time about the subject of hypersensitivity. It seemed to me that this word "hypersensitive" was a kind of suitcase word, a catch-all in which one put everything and anything. Well, I have to admit that I changed my mind after reading this book. I had the idea to read it following certain reactions of my grown-up which sometimes overtake me (emotion or anger for trifles or what appears to me as such). And I found her profile in this book which explains well the mental path of hypersensitive children. And, just to kill two birds with one stone, I realize that I personally may have suffered from what is only a behavioral disorder but which in the long run, if not taken care of, can be quite disabling. On the other hand, hypersensitivity treated correctly can be a considerable asset. A subject that I will have to study in depth in the coming months.