Gusion, don't forget

Black sea of crows. In the folds of time hides a mandrill with multicolored fur.

Who will drown in the dense waters of the river Lethe?

Limp dance, jerky race, icy puppet.

I don't want to forget! Not to forget the wind in the hair of my bald head!

Gusion ! Not to forget the black flag's promise of freedom! Not to forget the warmth of the disturbing friendship, missed love, words never spoken. The naked soul in the winter night, huddled in the musty warmth of an ancestral blanket.

Each choice carries the eternal regret of what one renounces.

Nostalgia carried, blown in an atmospheric complaint. Metallic fog. Time crushes memories and tears of blood flow. The weft of the existence is woven by a shuttle in the shape of a grimacing skull. The threads are guts. Have they been braided to hang innocence?

Perhaps not.

Someone shouts: I believe in Santa Claus! Let him conjure up the insipid powder.

Perhaps beyond appearances, in the center of the maelstorm, past, present and future intertwine to form a single woolen heart? Emerald retrocausality. The oracle has spoken.