Euripide, the first feminist

Did you know that the playwright Euripides, author of the Bacchae, who lived in the 5th century AEC, was the first feminist author? Indeed, he lived at the border of two eras. Behind him, the pre-classical era, willingly matrilineal and whose spirituality is centered on the female power and the Great Goddess. In front of him, imposing everywhere its obscurantism, the patriarchy. Euripides insists against what he feels coming like a storm carried by Zeus, Olympus and the bearded ones of the Acropolis. Soon the first gynaeci are going to be imposed in Athens. The woman is then locked up and can only walk the streets of the city covered from head to toe in an outfit which is very similar to that imposed by the modern Taliban. The Athens of then breaks completely with the tens of thousands of years that precede and for the worst, will soon impose its misogynistic vision to the whole world, notably via the conquests of Alexander.