Ecosse et histoire LGBT+

I learned about it with more than a year of delay and echoed it, since I was unaware of it others are certainly in the same case. Scotland has decided at the end of the school year 2020, to integrate in the school curriculum the LGBT+ history and the fights for equality. This magnificent initiative makes Scotland the first country in the world to insert this essential facet of the struggle for a free world free of the miasma of patriarchy.

Let's remember that it was not until 2001 in Scotland and 2003 in the United Kingdom that the law prohibiting the "promotion" of homosexuality was repealed.

One more step, at the world level, in the direction of the dereliction of mortifying morals from the old world.

Thus, the Terrafemina website quotes Jordan Daly: "This is a monumental victory for our campaign, and a historic moment for our country. He adds: "The implementation of LGBTI inclusive education in all public schools is a world first. In these uncertain times, it sends a strong and clear message to LGBTI young people that they are valued here in Scotland" (

We wish we could say the same thing, if only everywhere in Europe where homophobic acts are unfortunately on the rise.