Dawn of the Jedi - Tim Lebbon

This week I read: "Dawn of the Jedi" by Tim Lebbon. This book is the first novel set in the Star Wars universe, the so-called Expanded Universe. It tells the story of a Jedi ranger (at the time, they were called Je'daii), Lanoree, who goes after her brother. He plans to use a device to open a portal to the other side of the galaxy. The only problem is that the opening, thanks to the dark matter, of this portal could well unbalance the said galaxy. This pursuit is, for the ranger, a true initiatory quest between memories of a turbulent family past and the present of war and danger. The adventure and the world are interesting. I found the character of Lanoree particularly endearing with her character both sensitive and strong. I will nevertheless make two criticisms of this book. First of all, the style is a little too descriptive for my taste. The author sometimes gets lost in long pages of description that are a little overrated. The second criticism is the end of the story which falls a little like a soufflé... I was expecting something very grandiose, given the stakes that this story implied. A little disappointed therefore although happy to have done this reading.