Culture war, cancel culture, wok and other reactionary fantasies.

Since the 1990s in the United States and for some time in France (France is still 30 years behind), the reactionary right has found a new warhorse, I would say, a new delusion: the cultural war.

In this paradigm, which has become the new mental category of the right, there is a war between progressive forces and the supporters of a traditional morality that is supposed to save the world and civilization from decadence. In this supposed war, the neo-fascists alternate between outraged cries, fake news, attempts at intimidation and insults. For suddenly, as soon as a discussion is launched, the spectres appear in the contrite brains of the reactionaries, which they themselves designate under different names as so many terms and threats to create indignation among those who are paralyzed by the air of the times. In the past, Christians shouted "heretics!" and lynched the woman or the person who had the bad taste to step out of line, today they shout "woke! cancel culture! political correctness!" and hope for the same effect.

But here we are in the 21st century and the time for lynching is over. All that's left is to regret the good old days and to victimize themselves, lamenting that before it was better. The sexist, virilist, patriarchal, religious, colonial before... That before when the rich and well-to-do could abuse with impunity the young girl in flower, that before when the big bourgeois went to plunder the world under the guise of bringing civilization, that before when the education that weighed on both sexes flirted deliciously with torture.

Being caught up in a "debate" with these people is an experience in itself. If you have the nerve to make the assumption, or even the frightening conviction, that no one has the right to abuse the body or the soul of another, you are summoned to shut up with an insult, because, of course, as a post-humanist, you are branded, in addition to the above-mentioned terms, as a progressive, a fanatic, an imbecile, a philistine, or a stupid asshole lacking nuance, culture and intelligence. Are you trying to bring the debate back to the realm of ideas? Nothing works, they attack you ad hominem, looking for the personal flaw, they try to discredit you, they ask you if you have always been so feminist, so effeminate, queer or progressive, words that come out of their mouths like razor blades scratching their lips. Finally, on the internet or with friends who have moved to the right, it's a bit of a brown shirt every day. They used to come into tavern debates and argue with clubs to make up for their lack of argument... and intelligence.

And bad news for our new conservatives. No matter how much Trump, Zemmour, Bock Côté, Finkielkraut, and other fossils dislike them, they will not be able to stop the century, no matter how much they slow down the liberalization of morals and society, how much they create unhappiness and coercion under the pretext of tradition or religion. Because, in reality, there is no war. There is only the ineluctable march of time and the evolution of society, and no one can defeat Chronos. If there are still many unfortunate pockets of traditional resistance, they will soon be swept away by the massive adhesion to gay marriage, to male-female equality, to triumphant transhumanism and to the establishment of a secularized egalitarian world. Reactionary outbursts will not change anything, self-determined, free and cyborg individuals will relegate to the dustbin of history the cloistered obscurantism.