But what a horror, Superman's son is bi !

Superman's son is bi. So what? Big deal! I want to exclaim. Not that I don't think this "great" coming out of this superhero should be welcomed, but that I am surprised at how much it makes people talk. Because the conservatives are going crazy and shouting hysterically as usual. "Do you think my good lady, Superman! (well, it's his son but for the reactionaries who don't read comics anyway, it's the same thing, they have the same costume) Superman then, the virilist model par excellence, a hero that some people have likened to Christ himself, but where are we going?"

"If the most steroidal heroes start kissing boys, it's the whole society that risks collapsing on itself, it's one more step towards the apocalypse and the fall of our civilization." And the fact that Clark and Lois' son's boyfriend, Jay Nakamura, a journalist by trade, is super cute doesn't change a thing: the scandal is, as always with the reactionary right, cosmic in scope. Several conservative newspapers devoted their front page to the announcement and outbid each other in indignation.

As Liberation reminds us: "Let's remember that in the United States, 5.6% of adults and 15.9% of 18-24 year-olds now declare themselves lesbian, gay, bi or trans, according to a Gallup poll of 15,000 Americans."

But of course, as a so-called friend once threw in my face, paraphrasing the reactionary Natacha Polony: "You minorities, I'm willing to put up with you, but you have to keep a low profile. Don't make waves, don't express yourselves, because I experience each of your expressions as an aggression."

And that is really what never ceases to amaze me. How, in 2021, can such an event still shock? How can some people experience this as an aggression? The answer is that for some sclerotic and slowed down minds, anything that goes out of their patterns is an aggression.

That these dear conservatives continue to panic makes me laugh. The world of conservatives is withering away, in every way, on every side, it is melting like snow in the sun. One day soon, love stories will no longer be scandalous, no matter what the orientation or the felt gender of the protagonists.