Aphorisms of the Horned One I

And Baal says: "On the first stone of the Black Pyramid is engraved a glyph.

A secret and terrible sign that synthesizes and symbolizes your innermost being. In order to reveal its outline, build yourself a strong personality day by day. It will be the cornerstone of your witch spirituality.

Strengthen yourself to stand firm in the chaotic storms of life, to keep your humor in the trials, defeats and failures and to see them as opportunities for evolution.

Build a personality that is confident in its powers, capable of drawing considerable strength from the smallest of daily accomplishments. Far from pathetic weakness and arrogance, a personality that is self-sufficient but capable of empathy.

Create an inner being that encompasses the stars and shines with a thousand sparkling lights. As the days go by, witch, you will make this personality grow, you will make it evolve continuously, correcting its weaknesses, healing its wounds, freeing yourself from patriarchal conditioning, increasing its energy and power. And this personality, which is none other than the completed version of you, will pass through death and live in the court of the Ancient of Ages."